In this book written by Semmy Purewal, we can find a very interesting introduction to Web App Development with a very popular set of technologies: Mongo, Express, Node, HTML and Javascript. It doesn´t cover the full MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular and Javascript) because this is an introductory book, just for beginners.

From his experience teaching, he introduces the concept of memorizing section, in which it describes what you must know to manage the technology.

It covers related things to development like using GIT or text editors. It doesn´t get very deep into it, but it describes the essential to start, which is very important for those who are new to the process of development.

One thing that I really like is that it uses a big example through the book, so you can see how the technology apply to every step of the process. Doing this, the beginner can learn what should be the normal process of developing.

I think that it´s clear and because of the experience of the author, it shows how to start developing web applications with Javascript related technologies. If you are kind of no-novel to these techonologies… this is not your book but even though, you can have a look to see if you are missing something. There are links to further knowledge on every section.

Hope to see a new book from this author with same structure and talking about advance techniques.